Direct cremations
without the worry

Arrange an
unattended funeral

We are here to help you arrange an unattended funeral. Using our service we can help you organise the right funeral without the cost, allowing you to celebrate a life when you choose.

We'll collect from hospital, care home or private address
The Cremation
The cremation will take place at our chosen crematorium
Coming Home
We'll scatter the ashes in the gardens of remembrance, or can hand deliver the ashes to a family member for a fee.
A simple,
unattended cremation

Starting from £895, which includes

Funeral Professional Services and Fees
24 Hour Collection*
Suitable Coffin
Dedicated Funeral Planner
Cremation Fees
A gramophone with a record playing on

*May require an additional charge.

Why choose a
Direct Cremation?

What is the difference between a direct cremation and a traditional funeral?
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A direct cremation is unattended, letting you celebrate the life of your loved one as you choose.
What is a direct cremation?
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A direct cremation is an unattended cremation.  You will know the date of the cremation in advance so you can celebrate the life of the loved one as you choose.