Affordable, direct cremation plans
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Prepaid direct cremation plans to say goodbye, your way

Direct cremation plans let your family and friends celebrate your life in their own way. We’ll collect you and take you into our safe care and make all the arrangements for the cremation. Then, we can return your remains to your family or scatter them in your crematorium’s garden of remembrance – it’s your choice.

We'll collect you and take you into our care.
The Cremation
We'll transport you to the crematorium and make all arrangements.
We’ll deliver the ashes
We'll hand deliver your ashes to your loved ones or scatter them in the crematorium's garden of remembrance.
A simple, unattended cremation starting at £1,296
Funeral Professional Services and Fees
Advise on certification and registration
24 Hour Collection
Suitable Coffin
Dedicated Funeral Planner
Cremation Fees
Removal of Medical Devices
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Direct Cremation Plan

What is a direct funeral?
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A direct funeral is where no mourners attend the cremation or burial. The ashes are then either returned or scattered in the garden of remembrance, or the location of the burial plot will be shared. A direct funeral is also sometimes known as a hassle free funeral.
What does direct cremation mean?
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Direct cremation is the name for an unattended cremation with no attached funeral service or ceremony.
What is an unattended cremation?
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An unattended cremation is another name used for a cremation that does not have a service or ceremony attached and does not have mourners present. We normally refer to it as a direct cremation, but it can also be called a pure cremation, or a simple cremation.
What is the difference between a direct cremation and a traditional funeral?
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A direct cremation is unattended, letting you celebrate the life of your loved one as you choose.
What does direct cremation involve?
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A direct cremation involves being collected and taken into With Grace’s care, transportation to the crematorium, and then the ashes being delivered to your loved ones or scattered in the crematorium’s garden of remembrance.
Can you attend a direct cremation?
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Mourners are not present during a direct cremation and there is no funeral service or ceremony conducted alongside the cremation.
Do I need a scatter tube for the ashes?
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Ashes are returned to your loved ones in a biodegradable box, but you can update to a scatter tube or casket if you wish.
Can you choose caskets for ashes or ash scattering containers?
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With Grace offers a range of personalised caskets, urns and scatter tubes that can be included in your plan.
Do you offer a bluebell scatter tube?
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A bluebell scatter tube is one of the options we have available for personalised scatter tubes.
How much are direct cremations?
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A direct cremation plan from With Grace starts at £1,440, whilst a direct cremation arranged for immediate need starts at £990.
Is direct cremation cheaper than a funeral?
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A direct cremation is generally a lower cost than a traditional funeral as the process is simpler with fewer arrangements to make.
Are direct cremations worth it?
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Whether a direct cremation is right for you or not depends entirely on your wishes. Many people consider a direct cremation a cost effective option for how they want to say goodbye and do not want a traditional funeral.
What is the best prepaid cremation plan?
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The best prepaid cremation plan is the one that best fits your needs and wishes. It is however important to ensure that the plan is arranged by an FCA authorised and regulated provider.
Is the cheapest direct cremation plan the best option?
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The best option for a direct cremation plan will always be the one that fulfils all of your needs and wishes.
Is direct cremation a good idea?
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How you feel about direct cremation will depend on your own wishes and beliefs, in the same way that many people have strong feelings towards being cremated or buried when they die.
Is direct cremation popular?
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Direct cremations have become more popular over the past few years. Although they were more of a necessity in many cases during the pandemic, they have become a more popular option since then too with many people opting for a direct cremation as a cost effective way to say goodbye.
Can you pay for direct cremation in advance?
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You can set up a direct cremation plan so arrangements are made ahead of time, easing the burden on your family. Prices for a direct cremation plan start at £1,440.
Does With Grace offer payment plans for cremation?
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All of With Grace’s funeral plans have payment plan options. To discuss these further, please contact us.
Does With Grace offer cremation plans near me?
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With Grace covers mainland United Kingdom, mainland Scotland and Northern Ireland.