Affordable, direct cremation plans
without the worry

Prepaid direct cremation plans to say goodbye, your way

Direct cremation plans let your family and friends celebrate your life in their own way. We’ll collect you and take you into our safe care and make all the arrangements for the cremation. Then, we can return your remains to your family or scatter them in your crematorium’s garden of remembrance – it’s your choice.

We'll collect you and take you into our care.
The Cremation
We'll transport you to the crematorium and make all arrangements.
We’ll deliver the ashes
We'll hand deliver your ashes to your loved ones or scatter them in the crematorium's garden of remembrance.
A simple, unattended cremation starting at £1440
Funeral Professional Services and Fees
Advise on certification and registration
24 Hour Collection
Suitable Coffin
Dedicated Funeral Planner
Cremation Fees

Looking to arrange a Direct Cremation now instead?

We offer simple unattended cremations arranged at need. Organise the right funeral without the cost.

Why choose a
Direct Cremation?

What is the difference between a direct cremation and a traditional funeral?
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A direct cremation is unattended, letting you celebrate the life of your loved one as you choose.
What is a direct cremation?
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A direct cremation is an unattended cremation.  You will know the date of the cremation in advance so you can celebrate the life of the loved one as you choose.