Attended Burial


The first thing you will need to do is register the death and appoint a Funeral Director.

When starting to make plans, think about what sort of funeral you want to fit your needs and what your budget is.  Take time to talk to family, friends, Funeral Director or Officiant about your options.

You might find the below helpful to consider before making any final decisions:

  • Nominate a family member or friend to manage the arrangements.
  • Will there be a religious ceremony?
  • Would you like a Grave Side Service, or a Service at another location?
  • Is there anything you would like included in the Eulogy?
  • Where will the service take place?
  • Choose a date and time with the Funeral Director and let family and friends know.
  • Ask about coffin options to help you choose.
  • Will your loved one be dressed in their own clothes or a coffin gown?
  • Is there any jewellery that needs to be given back to the family?
  • Who are you going to invite?  It can be helpful to know attendance numbers for the Service and also when thinking about a venue for the wake.
  • Is there any special songs or music you would like played?
  • Would any family or friends like to pay their own tribute, or read a special poem?
  • If donations are going to made in memory of your loved one, which organisation would you like them to go to?
  • Are there any special flowers you will need to order?
  • Will there be a Funeral Procession with a Hearse and Limousine?  If so, is there a route that you would like to take?
  • If you want a traditional funeral, who would you like to be the Pall Bearers. This can be family and friends, or arranged by the Funeral Director.
  • Speak to your Funeral Director for advice on the Grave and Headstone preparation.
  • Will you need an Order of Service?  Think about how many you will need and what you would like included – favourite photos etc.
  • Will you want to attend the Funeral Directors to say a last ‘Goodbye’? You can talk to your Funeral Director to arrange a date and time for your viewing.
  • Have you any other special requests? Think about if you would like finger prints, or locks of hair and talk to your Funeral Director about them.
  • If you are holding a wake to celebrate the life of your loved one, talk to potential venues to understand costs and what capacity they have.

If we can help with any questions you have, please call our friendly, professional team on 0800 471 4689.

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