Direct Cremation Guide


The first thing you will need to do is register the death and appoint a Funeral Director.

You might find the below helpful to consider before making any final decisions:

  • Nominate a family member or friend to manage the arrangements.
  • Would you like to know the date the Cremation will be taking place?
  • Will your loved one be dressed in their own clothes or a coffin gown?
  • Is there any jewellery that needs to be given back to the family?
  • Have you any other special requests? Think about if you would like finger prints, or locks of hair and talk to your Funeral Director about them.
  • Would you like the ashes to be returned to you, or scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance?
  • Will you be holding a memorial service to celebrate the life of your loved one? Think about who you might ask to attend and where you might want to go.

If we can help with any questions you have, please call our friendly, professional team on 0800 471 4689.

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