Who do I need to tell?

  • Let family and friends know – they will be there to help and support you
  • Register the death with the Registrar local to where your loved one passed away
  • Contact the Bank and DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) for advice
  • Check if there is a Will and what you need to do to action it
  • Check for Life Insurance Policies
  • Cancel utility bills and Council Tax
  • Notify the Landlord or Council if your loved ones home was rented
  • Check if you are entitled to Government Bereavement Support Payment
  • Are there any pets that need to be cared for or re-homed
Prepaid Funeral Plans

The freedom to do it your way

We offer flexible funeral plans for you and your loved ones allowing you to take control of the unexpected.

Arrange a funeral

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Plan with Grace is a provider of funeral plans and funeral arrangements. Using our service we can help you organise the right funeral for less.