Attended Cremation – Rose
From £1999
Attended cremation for small gatherings.
Committal before 9.30am (number of attendees may be restricted)
Choice of crematorium
Choice of readings and music
Cremation Fees
Attended Cremation
Special requests, such as dress code
Funeral Professional services and fees
Advice on certification and registration
Family support and guidance
Collection of the deceased from a hospital
Preparation and care of the deceased prior to cremation
Simple coffin
Organising the cremation
Choice of cremation date (Monday to Friday)
All staff required to conduct the cremation
Conveyance of the coffin
Provision of cremated remains for the family or scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance
Doctors Fees
From £1999
Attended Cremation – Rose
Attended cremation for small gatherings.

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